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Previous Speaking Presentations

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I have had the honor of speaking at several conferences throughout my career. Listed below are several from 2018 and one from 2017. Some presentations are no longer available online, so please contact me to learn more.

“Changing the Focus: From Parts to Systems”

Keynote presentation given jointly with Christian Gianni

This presentation was an update on Whirlpool’s journey to embed Systems Engineering into the Product Development Process. The presentation not only covered the changes made to the processes and the tools, but also the training involved in order to shift from a current paradigm of “parts then systems” to a “system then parts” focus.

“How to Train an Enterprise of Systems Engineers?”

Session presentation given jointly with Mandy McIvor

This presentation was a description of how Whirlpool implemented a training plan to support the implementation of Systems Engineering into their Product Development Process. Recognizing that processes and new tools were necessary, but not sufficient to support the change to this new way of working, Whirlpool focused on providing three levels of training (update this description based on the pillars)

“Performance Optimization the Whirlpool way”

This presentation was a case study on how integrating Integrity Modeler with performance optimization unleashes the power of architecture management. While the Systems Engineering technical processes are vast, the major assertion here is that “Requirement feasibility assessments are faster and can be done earlier in the design development process with Systems Performance Modeling and a Systems Engineering strategy”.

“MBSE: From Requirements to Performance Optimization using SysML and modeFRONTIER”

This presentation was a case study on how to couple architecture modeling within a SysML-based tool to analytical modeling using design exploration and optimization tool like modeFRONTIER. The benefits of doing this is to simultaneously develop individual requirements while assessing the feasibility of the set of requirements.


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